Sunday 12 May 2019

Admissions on for activity classes 2019 is conducted by Kamakshi Gupte - Masters in English literature and a Counselling Psychologist.

Location - Borivali West

Admissions are on for :

Elocution classes - For speech clarity, intonation and confidence. (Ages above 8 )

Conversation classes - For personality, etiquette and self esteem (Ages 6-8 years and 8-10 years)

Speech and Drama - for improving confidence, general knowledge, speech and enthusiasm. (Ages 3-6 years)

Story telling - Vocabulary enhancement, drama and intrigue (Ages 3 -6 years )

Creative writing - Persuasive, Essay, Narrative and Autobiography ( after understanding school curriculum) (Ages 8 and above.)

Reading classes - For vocabulary, interest generation, plot understanding and characterisation ( ages above 8)

For knowing more and registrations kindly call or WhatsApp 9820646229.

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Sunday 17 March 2019

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Fun Fiesta Summer camp 2019!!! at Borivali west
Creative writing workshop from 22nd April to 26th April 2019.
Think, explore and write.
Timings: 4 pm to 5.30 pm.
Ages : 9 to 14 years.
Writing prompts, Essays, Story Writing, Phrases and Narrative.

Learn tips to build a story, new vocabulary, know how to lead with intrigue in narrative writing. 
Call Kamakshi Gupte – Masters in English Literature, Graphologist and Counselling Psychologist.
Whatsapp 9820646229 or write to

Monday 11 March 2019

Summer camp 2019 at Borivali west

Summer camps in April - May 2019.

Fun and Relaxed environment

Ages 3-6 years ( Speech skills)

Ages 7- 10 years  ( Conversation and Life skills)

Ages 10-15  ( Elocution and Creative writing workshops)

Teen workshops ( Teen issues)

Our Creative Talents at Borivali west

Conducted by Kamakshi Gupte - Masters in English Literature, Counselling psychologist and NLP Practitioner.

Writing prompts in Summer camp - May 2018

Giggles, fun and enjoyable writing prompts.

Summercamp2019 @borivaliwest

LIFE SKILS Classes - Building confidence, skill sets, self reliance in a Fun atmosphere!!!

Ages - 6 - to 10 years

Teen Soul souk - Motivational Program for Teenagers, Time management, self reliance, workarounds and discussing teen issues. The facilitator Kamakshi Gupte is a Counselling Psychologist, NLP Practioner, Art healer and Graphologist. 

Confidence with Conversation

A 10 day program with Interactive reading, poem recitation, conversational skills, story narration.

Ages - 6-8 and 8- 10 years

Expressive accent and voice modulation.
Question and Answers
Synonyms used to build vocabulary
Fun learning

Admissions on for regular batches and summer camp

Story telling for ages 3 - 6 years

Interactive story telling with lots of fun, drama enactment.

Vocabulary, sentence formation and instigating interest in books and story telling.

Regular batches from June 2019. 

Creative writing classes. Admissions on for

Regular batch - 2019-2020

Wednesday 2 January 2019

How to write an autobiography

#tips for writing an autobiography

The most important thing while writing an autobiography is that it is not descriptive but a narrative form of writing. There is a need to add emotions but not add drama. The elements and characters must never be larger than life or it will tantamount to exaggeration. Using of puns is a good idea. 

The most important part is the ending. Whether you choose a happy ending or a sad one, it needs to be pre planned, so that the body of the essay ( mid paragraphs) can slowly focus on it.

 It is all about the flow of writing. For creative writing classes in #borivaliwest do write to #academics #creativewriting#counsellingpsychologist