Monday 18 February 2013


Appreciation is always encouraging to raise your bar each time. This is what parents said after the completion of Batch II. Indeed it helps me to pursue our creative talents further. Thank you all!

Thanks to u for making the children perform such a fabulous skit . It was wonderful…” Shiven’s momArchana Bangera

“ Aadit was so very excited days before the event. It was nicely put up by you…”Aadit’s mom – Monika Taneja

“All the credit goes to you, thanx a lot…………”.Aarna’s mom – Kalpana Salian

“The skit today was indeed fantastic! I liked what Keya did. She spoke loud enough.
It is remarkable that you can get things out of kids of this age because they are difficult with moods, agreeablity and co-operation. And here to manage so many kids in synchrony! some magic, that!......” Keya’s mom – Rochelle Potkar

Olivia, is definitely enjoying the speech and drama class. She comes home and enacts whatever she is doing in the class. She enjoyed being the elf, aunt, jungle cat etc..
She is taking interest in languages. Also, is showing interest in dressing up with accessories.

She has started involving me and my husband in her favorite stories like ‘jack and the bean stalk’ etc by giving us roles to play. I am sure there is a lot more for her to learn and explore with you.Thanks a lot Kamakshi………..Fleeshia Manoj – Olivia’s mom

The program was very well-structured and I kept getting regular updates and feedback from the teacher, Kamakshi. It helped my child Krysta's speaking and co-ordination skills and improved her confidence levels. But the real clincher being that Krysta really enjoyed being a part of the class especially the grand finale ie the skit performed by all the participants. Cheers! Krysta's mom - 
Mrs Remedios

Yes there is a positive attitude towards my daughter Tasha who speaks more confidently than before and in clear sentences. She not only enjoys your class but looks forward to it. There is joy and if she is happy it makes us happy too. I thank you for the interest that you take in each student………..Tasha’s mom – Shirley Gonsalves

Unfortunately, Emma has been unwell and has missed a few classes, but I know for sure she looks forward eagerly to them and feels happy when it’s the day for your class. Its nice that you try to touch on various themes so the kids really have a varied outlook and experience. Emma is excited about the skit and so am I! I can’t wait to see how she takes on the stage and delivers her lines. Thanks for taking the efforts to put this together. It can be tough getting kids this age concentrate…….Nerissa – Emma’s mom

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