Thursday 18 March 2021


What brings confidence in a child? While the evaluation is mainly on academics, it is the co curricular that takes them to a new paradigm.

At Our Creative Talents, we Nourish your Childs' Creativity. 

With well spaced periodicity in classes, gentle persuasion and counselling, we coach non readers to read. Inculcating good habits like dairy writing, travelogues during staycations, we encourage creative writing. Academic syllabus as per the Board is also catered to in the creative writing classes.

We include drama everywhere and certainly in Story Telling. Browse through the pictures and you will actually see the dramatic expressions, fun and mirth in rendering poems, dialogues and reading.

Conversation  is an important Life Skill and the earlier it is taught it is better and there always a scope for improvement. Students learn new words, better way to punctuate, voice modulation, write their own speech and express themselves better. All in all the confidence improves and leads to better self esteem.

Personality, view points and attitude of a person is assessed via Grapho Analysis. Send in your Childs' writing in a plain white paper ( not ruled paper). Understand your Childs fears, your parenting style, and initiative taking ability. Procrastination is detected via the writing assessment. I have had most students delaying homeworks and submissions and also corrected the same via GraphoTherapy. Scroll through the blog and view the before and after pictures.

For details on all the courses and a counselling session, please call 9820646229. 

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